Don't just feed your pets... Super Feed® them!

Tired of undependable electronic automatic pet feeders.....look no further.
Here at Super Feed®, we don't just sell feeders, we make them, and they're our specialty.

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How to also use this feeder with a home automation system

Many are available. You can use a system like ACWIFI Wi-Fi Socket for Remote Control of Super Feeders available in our store.

Our Automatic Feeders are great for cats, birds, turtles, rabbits, swans, guinea pigs, small dogs, etc. Our Super Feeders® can be operated many different ways, thus making them the most unique and versatile feeders available, not only for vacation, but for everyday use. Our automatic fish feeders for aquariums and automatic pond feeders are in high demand! And, since we make'em here in Tennessee, there will be no hassle if you ever need help... We're just a phone call or e-mail away! We have automatic pond fish feeders that are perfect to keep your outdoor pond active without having to check on your fish every day! Any small animals can be fed using one of our automatic feeders! Try a Super Feeder®, you'll be glad you did. Guaranteed!

Why buy a Super Feeder® versus another brand?