KSF-2 Koi-Pond Super Feeder®

KSF-2 Koi-Pond Super Feeder
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  • Operates with virtually any programmable timer or home automation system to power feeder. It can be used with various home automation systems that will operate your Super Feeder® via telephone or web activation.
  • Power jack and aux. input terminal for diverse power sources and timers. Accepts 9 to 24-VAC or DC. Low voltage power adapter included with all models, and comes with six-foot cord for aquarium model and terminal screws for outdoor model
  • Aux. output terminal for interconnecting and triggering multiple feeders
  • Low profile feeder only 4-7/8 inches tall with generous ¾-cup capacity (without extensions)
  • "Basic" outdoor KSF-2 Koi-Pond and CSF-3 Cat/Small-Animal models hold up to over a Quart of dry food with two included hopper extensions.
  • Additional stackable hopper extensions available to easily increase capacity. Also, the addition of the 1.5 gallon hopper will increase the feeder's capacity up to 1.8 gallons or 3.3 gallons with two stacked on top of each other.
  • Clear hopper extensions for visual food level
  • Multiple feeding cycles limited only by programmable remote timer used and ON/OFF settings. Example: 24-hr timer with 30 min. tabs will provide up to 24 daily feeding cycles.
  • Easy access electronics jumper for optionally spacing feeding cycles down to 2 minute intervals (must use a digital timer)
  • Overfeed protection system prevents unwanted random feeding cycles if remote timer is "on" during power fluctuations/interruptions.
  • Reset switch for initial portion calibration or additional manual feeding cycles
  • Adjustable internal electronic timer with dial for precise food distribution. Feeds from just a few flakes or pellets to a cup, or much more with consecutive cycles. (Not a time-delay system, it drops food required at once for adjusted length of feed cycle.)
  • Adjustable metering gate for specific food type and flow volume control
  • Simple and effective food extraction system will never jam with pellets or mixed dry foods. Mix all types of dry foods together to make your pets happy!
  • Adjustable non-skid rubber feet for unleveled surfaces
  • Weatherproof design and sun resistant high-impact plastic. This is important for outdoor models!
  • Outdoor KSF-2 Koi-Pond and CSF-3 Cat/Small-Animal models include metal bracket for mounting to 2x4, plastic pipe or metal pole, and can also be hung.

Super Feeder Bottom and Side View


There are many combination packages to fit your custom needs. See our combo page to pick the one that is right for you.


See the Installation page for installation instructions including how to videos. There are various ways to mount your KSF-2 Koi-Pond Super Feeder®. To see some custom and customer mountings, see our KSF-2 Custom Installation page.


There are many accessories you can purchase for your Super Feeder® which can be found on our products/accessories page. Here are some of the most common accessories for the KSF-2 Koi-Pond model. Please click image to see particular item or go to our online store.

1.5 Gallon Hopper

1.5 Gallon Hopper

This 1.5 gallon hopper fits all three models (ASF-1, KSF-2, CSF-3). If used with both 2-cup extensions supplied with the KSF-2 and CSF-3. It will supply up to 1.8 gallons of dry food. It is available by itself as an accessory or with various package deals designated as the KSF-2XL (Koi-pond) or CSF-3XL (Cat/ Small animal). The lid is extra, but it's not required because it's the same as the lid supplied with the feeder. It can be securely attached with two screws for outdoor use.

Food Extension

Food Extension

This hopper extension has a 2-Cup (16 fl oz.) capacity and can be stacked up on top of each-other to increase your Super Feeder's capacity. Each aquarium Super Feeder comes with one, and each Koi pond and Cat/Small Animal Super Feeder comes with two. This extension comes with 2 washers, 2 small retaining screws, one additional mounting strap (not shown)and mounting screws.

Chute Cover

Chute Cover

This chute protection device slips into the chute opening and is optionally available for the CSF-3 cat/small animal feeder (if used, smallest cat food should be used if at all possible). Normally, it is only installed on the outdoors KSF-2 Koi-Pond Model for weather protection, but it can also be ordered and installed on the CSF-3 model if you have an aggressive cat when it comes to getting food (we may install it for you if ordered with feeder). There really is no easy way for a cat to get to the food, because of the feeder design, but it could discourage it from trying and scratching the chute. Very few customers have needed the chute cover.

One-year Warranty         Mount Juliet, TN         Made in USA