Vertical post mounting

KSF-2XL Vertical Mounting

Basic model KSF-2XL above holds up to 1.8 gallon

The vertical mounting post is a 2x4 (or can be a 4x4). The lateral arm support is a 2x4. The vertical post can be installed in a bucket full of sand or concrete or can be held in place with concrete blocks or rock formation. The lateral support arm is held in place with a door hinge which allows the arm to swing back and forth for servicing the feeder. The lateral arm is also held outward with a small hook and eyelet on the other side of the hinge. The small vertical feeder mounting board at the end of the arm is a 1x4 about 16 inches long vertically mounted to the lateral arm. It can of course be shorter for just the basic quart feeder.

This is only one of many examples of mounting your Super Feeder®. The KSF-2 quart KOI-POND feeder shown below comes with an "L" bracket and strap, which can be mounted to a vertical 2X4, 4X4 or pipe, or with a lateral metal pole (below), or hung by wire. A round 1-3/8" metal pole as shown below makes a ideal mount. Place it next to a waterfall, and the pellets will scatter nicely.

KSF-2XL Pond installation

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