Feeder with optional chute cover

Opt chute cover 1

XL Model shown with 1.5 gallon hopper
Alternate method of mounting feeder if installed outdoors with optional chute cover.

Opt chute cover 2 - Best method Opt chute cover 3 - Easiest method

Spread sides of gutter to cover chute cover as shown, and slip lip under feeder's "L" bracket edge.

Opt chute cover 4

With this setup, you can still monitor chute opening.

You could also use a very short piece of gutter over the chute cover (about 6-8 inches) to keep anything from reaching into it. You would then drill a hole on both sides of the gutter over the chute to keep animals from ripping it off. That works real well for any outdoor setup if you do not want a long gutter. It can also work well on a koi pond feeder.

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