Analog timer

This is a 24-hour format timer! There is no confusing AM or PM.

All you need to do is push one (1) pin outward for each time you want to feed per day with the right side of each pin pushed outward facing the time on the clock you want to feed.

Then all you do is rotate and set the clock dial with the correct present time facing the black arrow just above the timer switch. If it ever loses time, like a power outage, simply rotate the dial a few clicks clockwise to reset the time to correct time facing the black arrow at the right side of the dial.

The red little lever on the timer switch MUST BE pushed in the down position for automatic "on-off" mode (no red light on). In the upper position (I), it is in override (continuously ON), meaning that you can "manually" turn on your feeder by going to that position until the feed cycle is complete for extra manually initiated feed cycles (feeder must have been off for at least two minutes prior to doing that), then you return it to automatic mode (TIMER position) by pushing the red lever back down. When the timer is on, you will see a red light on the timer. The timer will only be on for 15 minutes for each tab pushed outward on the outside of the dial The feeder will spend most of its life in the off mode. Basically, you operate the timer as if you were turning a lamp on at programmed times.

You also have instructions on the back of the blue card inside the timer blister pack.

If you ever suspect something wrong with the timer, just make sure the dial turns as time changes. If it does not, there could be something wrong with the timer. You may even be able to hear a light buzzing sound while plugged in to confirm it is running.

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