Super Feeder Digital Timer

ACDT-20 Super Feeder® Digital Timer Time Setting and Programming

  1. First, insert timer in outlet to charge timer's internal battery for at least 1 hour before use.
  2. Push the small recessed "reset" switch then press and hold the "clock" button and press the "week" button to set day of week.
  3. Push the "hour" button repeatedly until you have the correct hour, push "min" button for minute and "sec" for seconds.
  4. Release the "clock" button and time should be set.

To program same feed cycle(s) at the same daily time(s) all 7 days of the week:

  1. Push the "PROG" button once and you should see a "1" (first feed cycle) and "ON" in the window along with "OFF" to the right.
  2. Push the "WEEK" button once and you should have all 7 cursors at the top of the window under all 7 days of the week if wanting to feed at that same time all days of the week. Select individual days or group of days if not wanting all 7 days.
  3. Push "HOUR" "MIN" and "SEC" button until you have set the desired "ON" time in the window you want your first feed cycle to occur. You will later be programming the "OFF" time the same way below.
  4. Push the "PROG" button once more and you should see a "1" (still first feed cycle) and "OFF" in the window along with "OFF" to the right.
  5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to program "OFF" time 2 minutes later than the "ON" time you previously selected in step 3. Example: 5:00 "ON" and 5:02 "OFF" (timer is 24-hr format, not AM PM) This will be your first feeding time. Do the same thing for all additional feed cycles.
  6. Repeat above sequence for additional feed cycles up to 8 times per day making sure that you have at least 2 minutes of "OFF" time between subsequent programmed feed times. Example: You may feed twice in as little time span as 5 minutes. We recommend feeding small portions several times per day. When the timer is plugged in, a green light stays on. When the timer turns on, a red light comes on.
  7. When done, push the clock button and then cycle the "INDICATOR" (lower right button) until you have selected "AUTO" and "OFF" (NOT "ON" AND "AUTO!!") in the display for automatic mode. Note: You may turn on your feeder manually by pushing the "INDICATOR" button until you have only "ON" in the window, but make sure you return it to "AUTO" and "OFF" for automatic operation. For additional information, review the timer's instruction manual you received with the timer.

How to use the Super Feeder® ACDT-20 digital timer to control portion size in seconds by overriding the feeder's system:

  1. Set the feed adjustment dial in the feeder to maximum clockwise setting (approximately 70 seconds).
  2. Program timer as per steps 1 thru 5 above, except that, as an example, you would set 5:00 "ON" time and 5:00:15 "OFF" time. This setting will make the feeder run for only 15 seconds for that program. Using this technique, you could vary portion size of meals for different programmed times of day or particular week days. The Super Feeder digital timer can provide up to 8 daily feed cycles.

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